July 7, 2016

Technical Discovery


Sometimes a project needs some definition. Maybe your previous developer left you with no logins. Maybe your system has been in use for so long, nobody remembers how it works anymore. Maybe you lost your documentation (or were delivered a system with no documentation in the first place).

We offer a simple technical discovery session to help you take inventory of your system.

The Project Manager will lead you through the process of

  • Taking inventory of what system you do have
  • Identifying what system you need instead
  • Documenting the basic moving pieces of your system
  • Establishing a project plan for any desired modifications

After discovering your requirements, we’ll deliver a project plan in 3-5 days.


  • All relevant user logins, FTP accounts & API keys
  • All documentation that you have on hand
  • Source code (if you have it)
  • The original requirements/specification documents (if you have them)


To reserve your spot on the schedule, purchase below:

NOTE: all projects subject to standard terms and conditions. A project manager will contact you to gather details & establish timelines.