April 29, 2016

Web Design

web-design-avatarDo you ever feel like your web site is invisible?  We can help.

Serving Visalia, Fresno and clients nationwide, Cogeian Systems does web design and web development focused around return on investment.  Your competitors are using their web sites as a 24/7 marketing tool – are you?

To determine the most appropriate custom web design for your business, we interview you to gain insight into your business, discover who your audience is and what they will need to do with your site, and then define a mission for your site that supports the needs of both you and your customers.

I already have a site, but it is terrible. Can you fix it?

Yes, we can. We can provide a web site re-design with great success. Some sites need only a cosmetic touch-up, while others may require an in-depth design change. We are capable of doing either.

Once I hire you, am I obligated to complete the web design project?

We try to design our projects so that you are provided an opportunity to opt out after each phase. You will be required to pay only for work done to that point. For example, if you only wanted to hire us to design your site but not to build it, that would be just fine. In fact, many clients initially commit only to the design phase, then sign up for the actual development once the design is complete and the estimate is as accurate as it can get.

How much will my web design project cost?

The cost of any project depends on the total scope of the work being done – small projects need small budgets, and large projects need larger budgets. Although most small web site projects start around $1,000, we offer a free 30-minute consultation to help us determine if we’re a good fit for your project.

Call us today at (559) 697-5363 to schedule a consultation.

Who maintains my web site?

Cogeian Systems uses professional-level design that allows for changes to be done easily, should you decide to go it alone. We also offer a content management control panel that allows you to change most of your content as easily as you can edit a document in a word processor. A third option is to purchase a maintenance contract.

That planning process sounds expensive – can’t you just start building a site immediately?

Industry experience has taught us that the more we plan up-front, the more you save later on with a faster development cycle, fewer errors, and more certainty of meeting deadlines. That said, the key is in planning the right things, not in trying to plan everything. Cogeian Systems is expert in planning the right things.

I’m ready to get started. What do I have to do?

You’ve made an excellent decision in choosing Cogeian Systems for your web design project. To get in touch with us so we can begin your project:

  • Call us at (559) 697-5363
  • Fax us at (866) 221-0913
  • Email us at info@cogeian.com