April 29, 2016

Email Marketing

email-marketingIf your web site were an employee, what would it’s job description be?

There are only three ways for your business to make more money – find new customers to sell to, increase your average purchase price, or sell more things to existing customers.  E-mail marketing can help you do all three.

We’ll begin by evaluating how you’re doing business now, and how you can most easily capture your customers e-mail addresses, if you’re not already.  We’ll also evaluate what kind of things your customers find most valuable about your service.

If you already have a list, we’ll help you develop automated e-mail campaigns that will keep your existing customers loyal, and convert the leads who haven’t yet decided to make a purchase.

 I’m ready to get started. What do I have to do?

You’ve made an excellent decision in choosing Cogeian Systems for your web design project. To get in touch with us so we can begin your project:

  • Call us at (559) 697-5363
  • Fax us at (866) 221-0913
  • Email us at info@cogeian.com