April 29, 2016

Custom Software

web-designTurning the software have into the software you actually want.

Your business deserves effective custom software that supports, extends, and improves your business processes. From internal tools to public e-commerce sites and web apps, our business-first custom software services will make sure your most pressing problems are solved.  We’ll help you  focus on a positive ROI serving as the driving force behind each project.

The most important aspects of the project will be put down on paper before we proceed, allowing you a chance to review everything before any software development begins. Your feedback is one of the most critical aspects of the project, and everything we do will be designed to communicate with you as a businessperson, not to inundate you with tech-speak.

How much will my custom software application cost?

The cost of any project depends on the total scope of the work being done – small projects need small budgets, and large projects need larger budgets. We offer a free initial consultation to help us determine if we’re a good fit for your project.

Call us today at (559) 697-5363 to schedule a consultation.

Can I add to my custom software later?

Absolutely. Cogeian Systems uses professional-level design that allows applications to change as your business needs change – adding features, subtracting features, and overall changes can be done with minimal risk in most cases.

That planning process sounds expensive – can’t you just start writing code immediately?

The planning process actually saves you money.  In fact, some clients hire us to do just the planning phase and produce a detailed project plan.  Think of it this way – by investing a few hundred dollars in some detailed planning, you might be able to avoid wasting thousands on a project that you hadn’t thought out well enough.  That said, the key is in planning the right things, not in trying to plan everything. Cogeian Systems is expert in planning the right things.

I’m ready to get started. What do I have to do?

You’ve made an excellent decision in choosing Cogeian Systems for your custom software project. To get in touch with us so we can begin your project:

  • Call us at (559) 697-5363
  • Fax us at (866) 221-0913
  • Email us at info@cogeian.com