Learn Digital Marketing From Google, For Free

How many businesses go under because they don’t know how to get customers in the door?  If you believe the statistics, almost half of them after 5 years!  But now you have a free, simple way to learn new marketing skills, courtesy of Google.  A free app available for either Android or iPhone, Primer lets you learn digital marketing in small, 5-minute lessons.

primer-screensCurrently there are lessons on PR, branding, storytelling, remarketing, SEO, and ad buying, and Google promises to keep rolling out new lessons on a weekly basis.  Each lesson is a group of slides that you swipe through, with a short quiz at the end.  It’s very simple, and the lesson material comes from some of the most successful marketing minds in the industry.  It’s an immediate injection of marketing expertise into your efforts to grow your business, whether you’re large or small.


While experienced marketers might find the Primer curriculum too basic, companies who have been hesitant to engage in online marketing for lack of understanding the fundamentals would do well to start with Primer.  Likewise, if you’ve been struggling with online marketing despite doing what “they” say you’re supposed to do, Primer might help you get over the hump and start seeing results from your efforts at having a mobile-friendly website, content marketing, or email marketing.

Even if you’ve hired a consultant to handle your SEO and digital marketing, the basic education provided by Primer is worthwhile, if only so that have a better understand of what marketing services are being provided to your business, and how they fit into the bigger picture of your company.