Does My Small Business Need A Website? Yes.

does-my-small-business-need-a-websiteHere’s a bold statement – if you’re operating a business in this day and age without a website (Facebook pages alone don’t cut it), you’re doing yourself a disservice.  13 years of helping businesses make profitable use of the web have proven out the 3 most common – and valuable – benefits of having a company website.

Save money on repetitive customer service & marketing tasks.

Taking orders and answering simple repetitive questions (such as “what time do you open?”, “are you open on weekends?”, and “where are you located?”) can take up a tremendous amount of time.  You want to pay your staff to focus on productive, profitable activities, not to answer repetitive questions.  Even a simple 1-page website, designed to be responsive and mobile-friendly, can provide answers to frequently-asked questions while still selling your product or service to motivated buyers.  With the popularity of smartphones and the rise of the “always connected” customer, many people prefer to get their information from your website rather than call in, and that’s good for everyone.

Sell your product or service tirelessly, while you sleep.

If your website was an employee, what would its job description be?  If you’re like most business owners, your answer is probably “get more customers” or “make more sales”.  If you’re a non-profit, your answer is probably “increase donations” or “raise awareness”.  You never know when someone will make the decision to give you money; do you really want to turn down a sale 8-12 hours out of every 24?  A professionally-designed and developed website can allow your customers to schedule appointments, make purchases, or give donations even while your offices are closed.  You can generate customers and make money by allowing your company to transact business 24 hours a day.

Multiply your marketing efforts.

There’s an old saying – “on the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog”.  Having a well-designed website allows you to present the same type of credible image that a much larger company would, and reap the same type of profitable benefits that kind of credibility has to offer.  A website doesn’t have to be the mainstay of your marketing efforts – for example, some companies are quite successful using e-mail marketing as their primary way of driving sales – but a well-built website is an always-on way of generating new leads and making sure your existing customers see your latest marketing message.

Not sure what to do next?  Getting on the web is easier and more affordable now than ever before, but without professional guidance you may not see profitable results.  Choosing to put your business on the web is a big step, and Cogeian Systems can help you do it the right way.  Contact us today to start a project.