June 27, 2016

Discovery Engagement


Most projects need some definition before they’re ready to be given the greenlight. Rather than demand clients commit to a large, vaguely-defined project, we offer an in-depth planning session to help you clarify your project.

The Project Manager will lead you through the process of

  • Taking inventory of what system you do have
  • Identifying what system you need instead
  • Quantifying the difference between the two
  • Helping you to uncover hidden assumptions or bottlenecks in your process

After discovering your requirements, we’ll deliver a complete project plan in 5-7 days. You can use this project plan to a) build the project yourself, b) hire the project out elsewhere, or c) hire us to build the project. For the record, we’re always happy to build your project.


  • About 2 hours of your time.
  • The attendance of your project decision-maker (i.e. the person with “go/no-go” and budget-approval authority; hopefully that’s you)
  • The attendance of at least 1 subject-matter expert (i.e. an HR staffer if the project touches HR, an accounting staffer if the project touches Accounting, etc.)
  • The attendance of at least 1 end-user of the proposed system.

NOTE: Please be judicious regarding which team members you invite to the Discovery Session; it’s important to maintain both focus and forward momentum in order to make this process work. Invite only those whose input truly must be had; small groups work best.


To reserve your spot on the schedule, purchase below:

Next available start date: 13 September 2016

NOTE: all projects subject to standard terms and conditions. A project manager will contact you to gather details & establish timelines.