The Benefits of Customer Surveys for Small Business

Marketing and sales are becoming increasingly data-driven in the technology age. Small businesses just like yours have access to more information, more easily, than ever before – Google Analytics, social media stats, website visits, etc.  But do you have access to the right kind of information? Customer surveys are one of the most powerful tools…[Read More]

The 5 Pitfalls of Estimating a Software Project

Clients often ask me why estimating a software project is so fraught, why software projects are chronically late and/or over budget, and why their last developer just didn’t seem to be able to give them a straight answer on anything. Naturally, I always take that question as an opportunity to brag about my current level of skill at…[Read More]

When your web developer is unavailable

Your Website Is Having Issues. Your Web Developer Is Unavailable. What Do You Do?

Almost every day I hear from frustrated business owners and managers who just can’t get a timely response from their web developers. Responding to these type of scenarios is one of the ways that my company, Cogeian Systems has built a reputation in the industry. First, let me say that I know what an awful…[Read More]

How To Save A Failing Technology Project

It’s the first big technology project your small business has taken on, and things are not going well.  Maybe your web design is behind schedule.  Maybe your custom software developer is creating bugs, but can’t fix them.  Maybe that email marketing integration with your website still isn’t done.  You’re starting to worry.  What can you do? Don’t…[Read More]