April 29, 2016


profile-round-bigHi, I’m Chris.

I’m going to break from the usual corporate messaging and talk to you directly about my business, and yours.

I’ve been building web sites since 1995 and web applications since 1999, successfully completing projects for business of every size – from Fortune 500s to non-profits to local mom-and-pop shops.

What I do

These days, I lead a team of expert designers, coders and database administrators. We help you make technology work for your business, profitably and reliably:

  • If you feel like your website is invisible, we can help you get customers from the web.
  • If the developer who was building you a custom software tool has suddenly gone off the grid, we can finish building that app.
  • If you wish you could use e-mail marketing to attract new customers and sell more to the ones you already have, well…guess what?

As the founder of Cogeian Systems, it’s up to me to take charge of your project and my team, and lead us all through it. I’m a local small business owner, just like you, and my goal is to help you.

Here’s how I’ll help you

I’ll be direct and honest with you. We’re working together because my team and I have expertise in solving a problem that you have. This means that sometimes I’m going to tell you “no, don’t do that, do this instead” in order to serve your business goals.

I’ll keep you up-to-date. Depending on the size of your project, you may hear from us every other day, or once per week. But you’ll never have to worry that my team has gone off the grid like other designers and developers sometimes do.

You will have one consistent point of contact. Some shops will have you talk to the designer, the coder, the project manager, the office manager, or whoever else is in that day. Not us. At Cogeian Systems, we keep it simple. You’ll have one point of contact – me.

I’ll speak to you in the language of business, not geek-speak. Unless we need to educate you on something technical, our conversations will revolve around your business goals and will be spoken in plain English, not technical jargon.

I won’t act in haste. Whether you need a mobile-friendly web design or custom software in the form of a billing system, executive dashboard, or service ticketing app, my team and I will learn about your business goals before we propose any kind of a solution.

I’ll help you make a small investment before you commit to a large one. For a small fee, we’ll analyze your needs and deliver a detailed project plan. You can use this plan to do it yourself or even take it to another firm (although we do hope you’ll hire us to build it!).

So, what do you need help with today? Let’s start a project together.