3 Benefits of Custom Software

3-benefits-custom-softwareEvery day, businesses just like yours have to make “build or buy” decisions about the software tools they use.  It’s sometimes a tough choice!  We can help you evaluate your needs and make a smart decision.  3 major benefits of custom software come up time and time again with projects:

Effective features.  Some off-the-shelf software packages – even the free ones – encourage you to change your processes and procedures in order to use the software.  You are an expert on how your business works; why should you have to disrupt that just to use a software tool? You probably shouldn’t.  Sure, you might have to learn newer, better ways of doing things, but your business is unique, and making those improvements while holding on to what makes your business special and successful is difficult.  Any software tool you use should be tailored to your organization for maximum effectiveness, which in turn is what gives you a positive ROI on the custom software tool.

Superior support.  When you choose to have custom software built for your business, you are making your developer part of your team.  This close relationship allows for insight into how your business operates, and this insight translates directly into more focused and effective technical support. Let your competitors waste time being placed on hold by an 800 number or a live chat operator; you’ll be able to keep doing what you do best instead of fighting fires.

Flexibility as you grow and change.  Businesses frequently outgrow off-the-shelf software packages, or expand into new lines of business that the software can’t support.  Should your business growth be limited by the inflexibility of an off-the-shelf software package?  Of course not.  As you grow your business, custom software can be adjusted to support new or different ways of running your business.  With custom, you are never locked in to one way of doing things, allowing you to capitalize on new opportunities and keep growing your business.

And now, a bonus 4th benefit (bet you didn’t see that coming…)

Competitive advantages for your business. If you have custom-tailored your internal workflow, or have created a web application that helps your customers to more easily purchase and use your product or service, that is an advantage over your competition. Custom software allows you to do things that your competitors flat-out can’t do, and can’t easily duplicate. Whatever ideal scenario you can think of to serve your customers, unique software can be created just for you to enable you to do it.

There are no easy answers. Choosing to build or buy is a highly individual choice for each business, and Cogeian Systems can help you do it the right way.  Contact us today to start a project.