May 2, 2016


See how we saved over $130k from going down the drain



Fresno Truck Wash (FTW) is a progressive, quality focused business that has thrived since 1996. Compliance with regulations and safety rules are an integral part of the trucking services industry and they only add to the challenge of maintaining profitable operations at FTW.

FTW had recently been at a stage where process improvement and cost reductions were stifled by a dated, completely paper based office management system.

While simplicity had served FTW well over the years, day to day operations were painful and unnecessarily costly due to manual procedures and paperwork. Sometimes critical information was even recorded on Post-It™ notes stuck to computer monitors.

Something had to change.


Enter Cogeian Systems. We proposed a web-based, internal business management application for FTW that would eliminate the need for handling paper and which would free staff members to serve their customers better and to create more profit.

FTW trusted our recommendation, so we proceeded.



Cogeian consultants spent several days with FTW staff, studying and analyzing the current business processes. We used this knowledge to design a new workflow for FTW, this time based upon the business management application. We designed web-based forms that replace the existing paper forms. We then developed the core part of the solution: a custom-written web based application using ASP.NET and SQL Server.

  • Custom Software
  • SQL Server Database Development
  • Hosting
  • Project Management

After extensive testing and QA, we supported FTW’s complete and speedy adoption of this new system. We trained employees in the use of the system, we integrated Quickbooks bookkeeping with the management application, and we even integrated the application with a truck scale.  We cleaned up the paper mess of the office with an electronic records retention plan to eliminate the need to store or mail paper. We gave the owner new ways to create more profit by providing immediate business intelligence. And we tailored the system to comply fully with the regulatory guidelines of the industry.



Numbers tell much of the story. Fresno Truck Wash has enjoyed well over $1,000 per month in savings on labor costs and $1,000/month just on postage savings by using email for receipts and invoices, in addition to othr savings.

In the owner’s own words: “what used to take my office staff 10 hours can now be done in 10 minutes. Cogeian Systems has done exactly what they promised to do, and then some.

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