May 2, 2016


Turning a 1920’s movie palace into a 21st century business



The Historic Hanford Fox Theatre is a movie palace that was originally built in 1929. After years of decline, the theatre was purchased by a preservationist in 1979, restored and reinvented, and reopened in 1982. Today, Hanford Fox is a regionally renowned community treasure that hosts movies and live entertainment.

Hanford Fox urgently needed a new web site. The original design of the Hanford’s web site was austere and did not showcase the flavor and the variety of the performances and the movies that are shown at the Hanford Fox. The old web site was difficult to update by staff members and was invisible to major search engines like Google. Lastly, Hanford was losing revenue to external ticket brokers – revenue that it badly needed for its own income stream.

Something had to change.


Hanford Fox required a web presence that would do three things well: visually showcase its entertainment offerings, with style, without alienating the base of current customers; provide a platform for the real-time display of upcoming performances at the Hanford without creating extra work for the staff; and enhance the revenue that was generated by ticket sales. Cogeian proposed to redevelop Hanford’s web site with all of these considerations in mind.

Fox Hanford trusted our recommendation, so we proceeded.


Cogeian Systems designed a new web site platform from the “ground up”. Cogeian’s well proven proprietary content management system (CMS) is the core of this modern, web standards compliant, search engine friendly web presence. We created an information rich, but elegant, “old Hollywood” retro visual style for the site that appeals to all visitors.

  • Web¬†Design
  • Custom CMS
  • Database Development
  • Hosting

After extensive testing and QA, we implemented ticketing in the web site itself for the Hanford, so that as much revenue as possible may be collected through direct ticket sales.


The owner and their staff agree that all objectives were met with professionalism, style and reliability.

In the owner’s own words: “Wow! Thank you!


New site:

Updated Public Site

Updated Public Site

Custom Control Panel

Custom Control Panel

Old Site:

Old, poorly-designed site with no e-commerce ability

Old, poorly-designed site with no e-commerce ability